The R.I.S.E. Program

(Resilience In Student Education)
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Helping Children Bounce Back

In first grade classrooms all over the City of Fresno, our Resiliency Coaches are making a difference, teaching principles of compassion, caring, and responsibility…

We can’t prevent life’s challenges, but we can help kids prepare for them.

In the R.I.S.E. program, Resiliency Coaches are partnered with Fresno elementary schools, teaching “bounce back” skills to first graders across the city. Students learn skills about:

  • Being in charge of emotions
  • Controlling impulses
  • Analyzing the cause of problems
  • Empathizing with others
  • Believing in self-worth
  • Being optimistic

There are still many Fresno elementary schools ready and waiting for their classroom to be a part of this wonderful program… Can you help make it happen?

Resiliency Center of Fresno RISE Program leader

“This program is helping our little ones to better deal with conflict. We have noticed a decrease in negative behavior in our 1st grade students. Even our most difficult students are trying to behave. We really appreciate Mrs. E. and all her hard work.”

Thomas Fuentes

Vice Principal, Wolters Elementary

Interested in becoming a Resiliency Coach?

Resiliency Coaches build positive relationships with students, teachers, and staff, through interaction in the classroom and at recess times. Coaches commit to volunteering 3-4 hours each week during the school year, delivering 30-minute prepared lessons to a first grade class each week.

To become a Resiliency Coach:

  • Provide a background check through Live Scan Fingerprinting
  • Participate in training activities
  • Attend monthly Resiliency Coach breakfast meetings during the school year
Resiliency Center of Fresno RISE Program mentors

Would you like to help support the R.I.S.E. program financially?

We depend on the generosity of our faithful donors to keep this important program going. From teddy bears, to achievement prizes, read below to see how you can help provide these meaningful items for young Fresno Unified students.

Teddy Bears

Once each year, Resiliency Coaches read “The Teddy Bear” book, which is a wonderful story that teaches children about empathy. For the last several years, we have raised funds through the community to give every participating child their own teddy bear, and they love it!

  • $5 buys a bear for one child
  • $125 buys bears for an entire class of first graders
  • $500 buys bears for all first grade classes in one elementary school

Achievement Prizes

Throughout the year, our Resiliency Coaches encourage the kids with stickers, achievement awards, and wristbands. If you would like to help us provide these special gifts for the kids, you can give in this way:

  • $35 buys supplies for one class for one school year

  • $140 buys supplies for all first graders in one school per school year

Children’s Books

Resiliency Coaches read specially chosen children’s literature books once a week for 36 weeks of the school year. If you would like to help cover that expense, you can give:

  • $600 buys books for one school site for one year