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The Resiliency Center of Fresno has a unique, supportive relationship with the Fresno Police Department; this relationship enables Police Officers to engage the Resiliency Center directly, so our case managers can proactively reach out to families who have just experienced trauma and offer them counseling services immediately.

To help make this process smooth for both the First Responder and the family impacted by trauma, the RC has developed an innovative mobile app (available on the AppStore or PlayStore) that is specifically designed for first responders to use on-scene. First responders type in identifying information (a parent’s name, child’s name, and where that child attends school) and that information automatically populates at the Resiliency Center, where our case managers proactively reach out to that family to transition them into clinical services at our mental health agency. The case manager also reaches out to Fresno Unified School District and alerts the staff at the child’s school to “Handle with Care” so staff is aware that the student has experienced a trauma recently and may exhibit emotional or behavioral changes at school.

Fresno Police Officer and Chaplain comforting a child

“A quote from a First Responder or from a counselor talking about how helpful the app is would be great to go here in this spot.”

First Responder Name

Officer, Fresno Police Department

Using our recently created innovative
app, we help first responders connect
families impacted by trauma to our
counseling services.

Trauma challenges healthy thinking patterns replacing them with fears, anxiousness, and depression.

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The Resiliency Center App