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FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26, by Rich Rodriguez) — Every day children in Fresno become victims of domestic violence, child abuse and the list goes on.

Not long ago Fresno Police created a pilot project that helps kids impacted by traumatic events.

On average Fresno Police officers answer more than 1500 calls a day for help in our city. Many of those calls impact children.

Six months ago Fresno P.D. created the Resiliency Center. Rodney Lowery heads up the program.

“Prior to this program there has been no vehicle or mechanism to identify the calls for service and then get somebody on that front doorstep to ask hey how can we help.”

Each day Lowery and his staff review the hundreds of police cases looking for calls where children were impacted.

The response team’s mission is to reach out and help within 72 hours. Trina Jensen is clinical director for the Resiliency Center.

“When a kid goes through a trauma and they feel like there’s nothing really out there. If we can plant a seed of happiness or hope. If we can just plant that seed for them, to me that’s success.”

California has more juveniles behind bars than any other state in the nation. Lowery says of the 20,000 kids locked up, 75 percent of that total were impacted by emotional trauma.

The former Fresno officer turned Chaplain says the issue can’t be resolved through handcuffs. Recovery from trauma he says comes through counseling.

“Most people want to be good parents they really do. They may not have the skill sets or tools but they want the very best for their children.”

“We’re very non-judgemental. We want you to tell the story. We want you to be transparent. We want you to open up because the only way to do that is to heal.”

The Resiliency Center has had great results in the first six months…. so successful it plans to move to a 7,000 square foot building near Manchester Center.

But Lowery says mental health services aren’t cheap and the Resiliency Center needs financial support from the community to keep growing.

The Support Blue Run Fresno benefits the Resiliency Center. Here’s a link to give you more information on the run at Woodward Park on Februrary 29th.

If you would like information on the Fresno Resiliency Center here’s a link: