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The Risks

When a child experiences several traumatic events, studies show they are:

  • 4.5x more likely to develop depression
  • 7.4x more likely to become an alcoholic
  • 11x more likely to use illegal intraveineous drugs
  • 14x more likely to attempt suicide

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The Costs

Trauma costs, but healing saves. Did you know the financial impact on our community is:

  • $40,000 a year for each homeless person
  • $71,000 a year for each incarcerated person in California
  • $740 billion a year nationally for costs related to addiction

The Need

The Fresno Police Department receives between:

  • 500-700 calls a month involving children exposed to trauma.

With your support, the Resiliency Center will help meet their needs.

Impacting Our Community Together

We desire to reduce society’s costs associated with trauma, but our primary focus is on each child’s emotional health and well-being.

A partnership with the Resiliency Center of the Fresno will impact the future of hundreds of children every year, bringing them healing and a future that is full of hope and promise.

We can't accomplish our mission without the support of our community.

Here’s how your gift can impact the lives of hurting children…

  • $20 enables a Case Manager to access police data and reach out
    to 10 families within 72 hours
  • $50 provides initial clinical intervention for a child and family in crisis
  • $1,000 provides up to 40 hours of trauma-informed counseling,
    assuring no child is turned away
  • $5,000 supports the operational costs of the Resiliency Center
    for one month.
  • $10,000 provides for expansion of services to a community in need
  • Be A Host Host an informational party where the staff of the Resiliency Center will share the vision of this pioneering program